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(Left) H&M Faux Fur Coat and Short Satin Dress (Right) H&M Short Satin Dress and Rhinestone Earrings(Left) H&M Faux Fur Coat and Short Satin Dress (Right) H&M Short Satin Dress and Rhinestone Earrings

Holiday season is here, and if you are looking for an outfit for that end-of-the-year party, H&M has the answer. The Swedish fashion brand launched a new trend guide called ‘Party Ready’. The fashion shoot offers up a cool and glammed up mix of bold prints, subtle metallics and faux fur outerwear. From a velvet dress to a satin camisole top and sock boots, these pieces will definitely upgrade any party look.

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H&M Satin Dress and Jersey Ankle BootsH&M Satin Dress and Jersey Ankle Boots(Left) H&M Embroidered Jacket, Jacquard-Patterned Pants and Jersey Ankle Boots (Right) H&M Double-Breasted Jacket, Wide-Cut Pants and Jersey Ankle Boots(Left) H&M Embroidered Jacket, Jacquard-Patterned Pants and Jersey Ankle Boots(Right) H&M Double-Breasted Jacket, Wide-Cut Pants and Jersey Ankle Boots
H&M Sleeveless Jumpsuit and PumpsH&M Sleeveless Jumpsuit and PumpsH&M Long Dress, Jersey Ankle Boots and 2-Pack Rhinestone NecklacesH&M Long Dress, Jersey Ankle Boots and 2-Pack Rhinestone Necklaces(Left) H&M Faux Fur Coat and Slim Patent Pants (Middle) H&M Glittery Top and Slim Patent Pants (Right) H&M Satin and Lace Camisole Top and Slim Patent Pants(Left) H&M Faux Fur Coat and Slim Patent Pants (Middle) H&M Glittery Top and Slim Patent Pants (Right) H&M Satin and Lace Camisole Top and Slim Patent Pants(Left) H&M Glittery Sweater, Suede Thigh-High Boots and Large Earrings (Middle) H&M Glittery Velour Dress and Perforated-Pattern Waist Belt (Right) H&M Glittery Top, Glittery Treggings and Rhinestone Clip Earrings(Left) H&M Glittery Sweater, Suede Thigh-High Boots and Large Earrings (Middle) H&M Glittery Velour Dress and Perforated-Pattern Waist Belt (Right) H&M Glittery Top, Glittery Treggings and Rhinestone Clip Earrings

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