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The Chanel Perforated Classic Flap Bag is a new bag in town! With its punctured design, this bag might capture the hearts of many for it has that unique touch that only Chanel can do with its signature flap bags.

The Classic Flap Bag is already a timeless piece to own and replacing it might be a hard job to do but instead of getting rid of it, Chanel’s creative geniuses thought of a way to reinvent it and give it a modern touch by coming up wit the Perforated Classic Flap Bag. The perforated design might work but it might be a hard time disassociating ourselves from what we are accustomed to since Chanel’s diamond quilting effect is such a classic style.

On the other hand, the CC logo and the the interwoven chained link are still apparent. So what do you think of this perforated take on the Classic Flap Bag?

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