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Looking for a unique bag to own with minimalistic design? Well Stop, look and stare, as this Gucci Nymphaea Tote Bag will fulfill all your bag fancies.

A one of a kind Gucci piece, this Nymphaea Tote Bag is a small structured leather top handle bag with distinctive bamboo handles that features an elegant cream pearl detailing. If you’re a Gucci fan, you’ll instantly take cue from the bamboo design, which is an icon of this Italian fashion power house.

And if you’re wondering, there really is a story behind the name. Nymphaea is a particular genus of hardy and tender aquatic plants, which in ordinary parlance is popularly known as the white water lily. The bag name also references Greek and Latin myths surrounding the pearl and water lily.

As we move into the interior, one can instantly notice that this bag is made of sophisticatedly soft and supple leather with a natural shine appearance. To complement it, a gold-tone hardware is used to achieve its aesthetic appeal.

Compartment wise, it has an interior zip and smartphone pockets to keep your things organized. It also has a detachable shoulder strap for easy shoulder and cross body carrying.

Measuring 10.5” x 8.5” x 5” (W x H x D) inches and is priced $1980 USD, €1590 euro, $2840 SGD, £1290 GBP, $17500 HKD, ¥215000 JPY via Gucci boutiques.





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Tom Ford T Tote

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At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, because while Tom Ford the brand is many things (sexy, sharp and sophisticated, pretty much like Tom Ford the man), it’s never affordable, with his bags always starting from the GBP1000 mark. Until now anyway. Spotted over at Net-A-Porter today is the new Tom Ford T Tote, which is retailing for just GBP590 (or around SGD1045 after conversion). In other words, gasp!

Measuring 47 cm across at its widest by 28 cm in height, another bonus to this tote (besides the fact that it’s a sleek beast that’s great for work or play) is its generous handle drop at 25 cm, good for those who prefer to have the tote’s opening securely tucked under their arms. Made in Italy, the tote is crafted out of textured grained calf leather, a good choice considering how hardy textured grain leather can be.
So if you’re convinced (like I am), hit this link and pick this beauty up before someone realises they made a mistake with the pricing. Kidding. Really.

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As requested by our community, here is a full review, including all the tiny details, about the latest Longchamp Le Pliage Heritage Tote Bag.

A quick reminder, the first time we showed you this bag on our site, is when we posted an article with the title: ‘Alexa Chung x Longchamp Ad Campaign featuring the Le Pliage Heritage Bag’. Boom, from that moment, I fell in love. This bag is quite unique, as you can see on the picture, especially because I love the Le Pliage Bag Collection so much.

So what’s the difference?

The original Le Pliage Tote is more slouchy, made from canvas and it doesn’t really hold shape. The good thing is that you can easily fold it and hide it in your other bag. It’s also resistance again rain and water, which makes it ideal to protect your more expensive designer bags.

The original version of Le Pliage Tote is more of a casual everyday bag while the Le Pliage Heritage tote is so much more elegant, perfect for the street chic style. The shape is tighter and more structured.

There are four ways to carry – over your shoulder, cross body, on your arm or in your hand. This line bears witness to Longchamp’s expertise with leather. Each component is refined with details, like the slightly curved trompe-l’oeil flap and handles. Truly a timeless and sophisticated piece of fashion.

Measuring 11’ x 10,25’ x 7’ inches, it comes in five different colors, including black, red and brown. 






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Chanel Deauville Canvas Tote Bag

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The Chanel Deauville Canvas Tote Bag has been around since 2012. It has been one of Chanel’s popular tote bags. The Deauville is made of canvas and available in variety of colors and sizes. The bag has two top handles and interlaced leather and chain shoulder strap. The Large tote is priced at $2,600.00 (USD). Also available in leather for $3,400.00 (USD).

Chanel Deauville Tote Bag 1Chanel Deauville Tote Bag 2

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

Aside from being used as an everyday bag, the Neverfull Tote Bag is also a perfect beach bag. It can fit all your essentials and it’s easy to carry. The Neverfull is available in different materials, Damier Azur, Damier Ebene, Monogram Canvas and Epi Leather. The Neverfull MM Bag in Damier Azur is priced at $1,710.00 (USD).

Saint Laurent Large Shopping Tote Bag

A large open tote bag, the Saint Laurent Shopping Tote Bag is a simple yet elegant tote and beach bag. It is unstructured with flat leather handles and includes a removable zip pouch. It comes in different colors like Black, Red, White, Silver and many more. Retails for $995.00 (USD).

Saint Laurent Large Shopping Tote Bag 1Saint Laurent Large Shopping Tote Bag 2

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag

The Le Pliage line is Longchamp’s most famous handbag. It is available in leather and nylon. This bag is perfect to use anytime, from work to movie dates to weekend trips. It is flexible, sturdy and can be folded. The Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir is priced at $620.00 (USD), Nylon is priced at $115.00 (USD) for the Medium size.

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Bag 1Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Bag 2

Givenchy Antigona Shopper Tote Bag

The Givenchy Antigona Shopper Tote Bag is made of coated faux-leather and features thin shoulder straps. The interior is made of cotton lining which usually comes in different prints depending on the season’s theme. Aside from basic colors, the Antigona is also available in a variety of prints like floral, stripes, Bambi, Madonna and more. It includes a leashed zip pouch bag. The Large size retails for $1,350.00 (USD).

Givenchy Antigona Shopper Tote Bag 1Givenchy Antigona Shopper Tote Bag 2

  • Balenciaga Navy Cabas M Bag

The Balenciaga Navy Cabas M Bag is an oversized tote bag made of canvas with leather details. It also includes a removable small cotton pouch. Retails for $965.00 (USD).

Balenciaga Navy Cabas M Bag 1Balenciaga Navy Cabas M Bag 2

Valentino Rockstud Tote Bag

Valentino offers a variety of Rockstud Tote Bags, big enough to use for beach trips. One perfect example is the classic Rockstud Tote Bag. It features a metal flip lock closure and includes a detachable shoulder strap. The interior is made of cotton and has zip and double open pockets. The medium size is priced at $2,495.00 (USD).

Valentino Rockstud Tote Bag 1Valentino Rockstud Tote Bag 2

Bottega Veneta Cabat Bag

Made of the brand’s Intrecciato leather, the Bottega Veneta Cabat Bag features a woven tote bag inside and out. The bag is easy to carry as it is lightweight and spacious to hold your necessities. It comes in three sizes, Mini, Medium and Large. Priced at $5,750.00 (USD) for the Medium size.

Bottega Veneta Cabat Medium Bag 1Bottega Veneta Cabat Medium Bag 2

Hermes Garden Party Bag

A casual day bag from Hermes, the Garden Party is a tote bag with a Clou de Selle snap closure. It has a roomy interior with a zipped pocket. It is available in different colors and materials like Linen, Canvas and Leather. The Canvas Garden Party Bag in Medium size is priced at $2,325.00 (USD).

Hermes Garden Party Bag 1Hermes Garden Party Bag 2

Mulberry Kite Tote Bag

The Mulberry Kite Tote Bag is one of the brand’s latest design, which was introduced for their Resort 2016 Collection. It has a bucket shape with a pivoted handles and a shoulder strap. It has a microfibre lining and includes a removable zipped pouch. The Kite Tote is available in three sizes, Small, Regular and Oversized. The Oversized Kite Tote Bag in Flat Calf leather retails for $1,990.00 (USD).

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YSL YVES SAINT LAURENT Cabas Chyc Large Brown Tote Bag

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YSL 2016 early autumn new CABAS CHYC handbags, can be said Yves saint Laurent of popular star IT handbags! Launched after causing global Kuangxiao of CABAS CHYC, has a practical woman most in need of a large capacity, and can be cool handsome and elegant in design.

Replica YSL YVES SAINT LAURENT Cabas Chyc Large Brown Tote Bag

With double zipper simple “Y” LOGO magnet buckle decorated design detail switch is closed, the outer front pocket design is easy to pick up items, large capacity bag body is now in line with the needs of women. Leather handles, can be put on the shoulder.

Replica YSL YVES SAINT LAURENT Cabas Chyc Large Brown Tote Bag1

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Chinese name, is a famous French luxury brand, there are fashion, skin care products, perfume, bags, eyewear, accessories and so on. 1936 Mr. Yves Saint Laurent was born on August 1, French North Africa, Algeria, his family was generous, no lack of access to high-fashion jewelry in the growth process, the passage of time since the cumulative brewing enthusiasm for fashion. 17 years old alone to fashion capital of Paris to study art, and soon after he transferred to the clothing field painting. At 18, he won the fashion design contest winner, was referring to Christian Dior’s work, as Dior’s deputy.

Replica YSL YVES SAINT LAURENT Cabas Chyc Large Brown Tote Bag2

YSL Yves Saint Laurent is the landlord more like a brand. No LV, PRADA, GUCCI then ear (LAN) cooked (DA) energy (JIE) detail, but it is always had its own characteristics and taste. From a care makeup perfume to clothing bags footwear accessories, has its representative, can be considered a mature veteran diversified luxury brands. Especially in Europe, YSL is high society ladies and celebrities are all keen to sign.



The latest hot song thousand Iraqi paragraph ysl handbags, Replica YSL YVES SAINT LAURENT Cabas Chyc Large Brown Tote Bag personally feel very ugly. Not only is the cottage big p h home and family, but also to ugly in design, at first glance thought it was old-fashioned briefcase. And I feel like a few bars. In fact, the most beautiful and classic Y button is the money two years ago, when YSL or YSL, has not yet become a SLP, it may later be renamed because of the separation of the relationship, the iconic Y buckle design removed. Hey, suddenly disappeared brand characteristics, which is quite regrettable. Other models include the new out this year’s messenger bag, etc., are not outstanding place, it is common to make people forget that once was synonymous with elegant.

Landlord paragraph Yves Saint Laurent YSL mini Cabas Chyc, YSL 2016 early autumn new CABAS CHYC handbags, can be said to Yves Saint Laurent (Yves saint Laurent) The popular star IT handbags! Launched after causing global o

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Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Baby Embellished Leather Tote

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Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Baby Embellished Leather Lace Purse

Lace is making a comeback. Lately, I have been hearing a lot about lace and how it has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts. The lost art of lace-making has been given new life over the last 5 years or so, with more and more companies discovering just how gorgeous lace can be. When it comes to lace though, I have mostly been seeing it on clothing. It is also starting to become more popular in the bridal scene. But not so much when it comes to handbags.

Sure the occasional formal clutch with a lace overlay pops up here and there, but lace has never been a really popular material for handbags. This doesn’t mean that lace-lovers cannot enjoy a lace like piece. I came across the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Baby Embellished Leather Tote the other day and thought it was a great example of this. This iconic piece was given a makeover, complete with off-white leather and grommet stud embellishments. But it isn’t the embellishments alone. It is the lace-like pattern they create that gives this piece that lacy look and feel. The overall look is very light and airy and would be perfect for this coming spring season.

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